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Download the Poker Math Reference Ebook by Outstanding Poker Pro jimmychances – Ebook EVCalculations Spreadsheet.ods – The Poker Math Reference Ebook.pdf – Table of Contents. Basic Combinatorics in Poker – 2. Calculating a Pot Sized Raise – 3. Risk and Reward – 4. Preflop Math – 5. Blind Stealing – 6.3 Betting – 7.4 Betting – 8.5 Betting\/Working out a 4 Bet Range – 9. Calling a 3 Bet Shove – 10. Calling a 4 Bet Shove – 11. Calling a 5 Bet Shove – 12. The Big Poker Formula – 13.5 Bet Shoving Light – 14.4 Betting with the intent of calling the 5 bet shove – 15. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

Semi Bluff Shoving the Flop or Switch – 16. Bluff Betting and Bluff Elevating the River – 17. Calling the River Bet. – 18. Thin Value Betting the River – EV Calculation Spreadsheet included. Vast majority of the calculations in this reference book, cope with bluffing or attacking. Is when we are gambling for value. Therefore, there isn’t as much need for as much mathematics to see if we are making +EV bets. BASIC COMBINATORICS IN POKER – Combinatorics in poker is related to working out the number of mixtures of hands there are in certain conditions. For example: The number of Ways we could be dealt AA The number of ways we can be dealt AK The number of mixtures of AK are there to a A32 Just how many mixtures of AK on a AK3 Just how many mixtures of open ended straight draws to a KT7 – AA combos = AsAc, AsAd, AsAh, AcAd, AcAh, AdAh 6 complete combos. 

AK combos = 4 satisfied AsKs, AcKc, AdKd, AhKh, 12 non-technical AsKc, AsKd, AsKh, AcKs, AcKd, AcKh, AdKs, AdKc, AdKh, AhKs, AhKc, AhKd. 16 total combos – After we’ve seen a flop, there’ll be some card removal. E.g. Flop Ah3s2c. There’s One Ace on board, so there’s 4 Kings which may have been coped with our competitor and only 3 Aces. 4X3=12. So only 12 possible AK combos might have been dealt to our opponent. AhKs3d – In this case there are only another 3 Kings and 3 Aces, 3X3=9 combos. 

Combos of open ended straight draws to a KT7? Well 98 and QJ both give a competitor an open ended straight draw. 16 combos of every. So our opponent may potentially have 32 combos of open ended straight draws in his range of hands. Internet poker players can use poker software like Hold Em Manager to help find a competitions total range, along with utilizing some hand reading skills on each street.

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